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As we seek for more adjustability with in our controls to create a more intuitive cockpit, we soon realize the restrictions in which we are bound is simply the platform in which we use for measuring.

While the use of standard measuring techniques (Inches) is fine on the Construction Site, when it comes to precision, Machinists & Gear heads prefer to use the metric system. 

The metric system allows us to make minor adjustments using whole numbers & not be confused by the use of fractions & decimal points. 

As the last Industry of Handlebar based sports to convert aftermarket products to the metric system, Snowmobilers are still bound by manufactures choosing to use standard measuring practices, until now!

Following in the footsteps of both Mountain Biking & Motocross, KYBER Products are not only designed using the metric system, but will promote using the metric system to provide a more simple & precise line up of products, allowing for a more intuitive control cockpit giving riders an advantage when it comes to riding in the backcountry.