Due to unforeseen issues, our Products will not be back in stock until OCTOBER 21st

However we will be at the EDMONTON SNOW SHOW October 14-15 

We appologize for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience

Who We Are

At KYBER Snowmobile Accessories we understand the impact even the tiniest, most minute equipment changes can have on the way you ride. 

Based in the heart of North American Snowmobile Culture, Revelstoke, BC, our Design & Engineering Team is made up of professional athletes from the Snow, Motocross & Mountain Bike Industries, bringing several decades of Backcountry & Mountain experience. 

Using only the highest-grade Canadian alloys & working with the best CNC fabricators, we build versatile, high-precision (metric), products that customize your snowmobile cockpit to fit your body size, ergonomics, riding style, & even colour preference. 

We are dedicated to continuous product testing & development in order to deliver a totally unique comfort level for the rider, setting a new standard for the industry.

“We don’t brand products after professional athletes; we build them specifically for you!”