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Handlebar Grips - Standard

Handlebar Grips - Standard

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The unique KYBER design and engineering that goes into a pair of Standard Handlebar Grips rewards riders with a superior grip and dexterity you will not find from the factory. 

The unique diamond pattern, double belled end flanges, and custom synthetic compounds make for an unrivaled grip experience in both dry and wet environments.

While providing the best all-around grip, the KYBER Standard Handlebar Grips inspire confidence while remaining comfortable with preferrable throttle thumb indexing and cushioning for braking and finger throttles.

KYBER's reduced inner diameter on these standard grips also provides an ultra-secure grip surface that won't rotate in the moment. Extra thick bump stops on the grip ends provide reduced tearing and additional resistance to loss of control.



  • Fits all snowmobile handlebars 
  • Custom synthetic for extra grip and durability 
  • KYBER Diamond texture for enhanced grip 
  • Double belled end flanges for comfort and reduced slip 
  • Decreased inner diameter for anti-rotational grip
  • Superior comfort for indexing all-day riding


Colors: Black
Length: 160mm (6.3”) 
Fitment: All snowmobile handlebars, including KYBER Small Diameter Grip Handlebars 
Texture: Classic Diamond 
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